ATOMIT have forged partnerships to premium product leaders and integrated them to our CPO line ups.

What we do

Enterprise Packages

(ERP, CRM, HRIS, Payroll, etc)


(desktop, laptop, servers)

Network Equipment

(gateways, routers, bridges, switches, hub, repeaters, NIC, etc.)

Storage and Availability

(virtualization, cloud, etc.)

Monitoring & Management

(application connectivity, IP availability, MPLS, multicast, network configuration, etc.)


(business process, data security)

Home & Business Office Suites

(word processor, presentation, spreadsheet, database, email, anti-virus, etc.)


(managing distributed applications via electronic data interchange EDI, Android, tools such as IBM Cast Iron, Oracle Fusion)

About Us

ATOMIT Business Solutions is a privately held corporation focused on information technology solutions and integrations across any platforms, such as cloud, mobile, SAAS, etc.; whether it is an enterprise system setup, configuration and customization, or integration between legacy and in-house applications or third-party applications.


17/F 6750 Ayala Avenue, Makati City,
Manila 1226, Philippines
P: +63 (2) 755 6592